My name is June Grønseth AFIAP, PPSA.

Photographer, and I am truly in love with nature.

My passion is to collect all the beauty my eyes observe in nature; colors, light and strange patterns with my camera. I live in Norway, Lofoten archipelago, above the polar circle.
Most of my pictures are taken here in Lofoten region, where weather constantly change and the seasons vary from almost dark days in winter, to bright nights during summer, when we have the midnight sun from May to July.

Member of: Norsk Selskap for fotografi.

Achieved bronze, silver and gold plaquettes from NSFF in 2014. Achieved Blue Bronze and and Blue Silver in 2015.


By December 2015, altogether 248 titles, with 510 accepts for exhibition in international competitions with PSA/ FIAP patronage in more than 50 countries.

Win WWF Norway photo contest 2012.

My first PSA Bronze, and PSA Ribbon in Global Arctic Award 2012.

Win a VÔAV Silver medal at Photo Art Championship 2013.

1 Jurors Choice and one Bronze Medal in “Ozone Zone 2013”

1 PSA HM Yorkshire International 2014

1PSA HM 3 Country Circuit 2014, Ireland.

1 PSA HM 6th Finland Circuit 2014.

1 PSA HM in Bengal Autumn Circuit 2014.

PSA Salon Bronze 4th Kumanovo Art Photo 2014.

2 silver medals in “Miroc Circuit 2014” Bulgaria and Serbia.

1 PSA HM My favorite Circuit 2014, Germany.

1 Jurors Choice WES Singapore 2015

1 FIAP Bronze, Ozone Zone, Dominica 2015

1Fiap Silver Photo Creators,Egypt 2015

1 FIAP HM WES Singapore 2015

1 PSA HM Malinik Circuit 2015, Serbia

1PSA HM JPS Circuit,2105, India.

1PSA HM Donegal 2015, Irland.

1PSA HM Kotor Circuit, Irland.

1 FIAP HM 30th Strom, Slovakia 2015

Artist FIAP approved March 2015.

Already in March 2015 have the 250 accepted works needed for EFIAP, but cannot apply until 2016. By June 2015 301 FIAP accepted works.

Member of PSA from September 2014. Profiency PSA approved December 2015


PID Color 4 stars, 72 accepts with minimum 18 titles

PID Nature 3 star, 72 accepts with minimum 18 titles

PID Travel 3 star, 72 accepts with minimum 18 titles

PID Mono 1 star, 18 accepts with minimum 6 titles

PPD Color 1 star, 18 accepts with minimum 6 titles


2012 Laukvik, Lofoten

2013 Laukvik and Værøy

2013 See Me Gallery, New York (LIC)

2013 Galleri Det Kreative Rom, Rygge.

2014 Værøy, Lofoten









June Grønseth AFIAP PPSA

Prices: If you’d like to buy some pictures, please contact me, by email or phone.

Tel:  0047 415 09 252